AHDB Dairy Board

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AHDB Dairy Board meetings are held 6 times a year, to determine effective strategies for the organisation. The board strategies help to focus the organisation direction and provide a clear vision for research and development, market information, supply chain activities and consumer marketing programmes, for the benefit of the GB dairy farmers.

Selection and appointment of the membersof the AHDB Dairy Board is carried out by the Board of AHDB through an open appointments process. AHDB Dairy Board members are appointed for a three year term and require up to two days per month commitment per year, including attendance at board meetings. Remuneration is currently payable at £256.25 per day plus expenses.

The AHDB Dairy Board Chairman who is also an AHDB Board Member is appointed by Defra and receives £48,000 for a minimum of 156 days per year plus expenses. This figure has changed to £32,000 for a minimum of 104 days for all new Sector Chairs appointed after April 2013. Expenses are in line with HMRC recommended rates.

AHDB Dairy is committed to openness and accountability to its levy payers and all AHDB Dairy board agendas and minutes are accessible through the library.

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