AHDB Dairy Sector contacts

It’s important to us that levy payers have clear channels of communication with the AHDB Dairy experts on strategy, market development and knowledge exchange and have direct access to information across the different specialist areas of the sector.

Although we have ‘rebranded’ and undergone an internal reorganisation your primary AHDB Dairy contacts across the business remain unchanged and if you have contacts already established you are still welcome to get in touch with them.

The objectives of the changes within AHDB have included the need to achieve collaborative working and a sharing of best practice and we are confident that this approach both aids our efforts to deliver improved services, which make a difference, and represent value for money, to our levy payer community.

Here are your AHDB Dairy sector contacts:

Communication & Market Development | Key Contacts | R&D and Knowledge Exchange | Market Intelligence

Communications and Market Development

 Alistair McLaren
Alistair McLaren

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Tel: 024 7647 8970

Mobile:07393 235143

Email: alistair.mclaren@ahdb.org.uk


John Bates


John Bates

Senior PR & Media Manager

Tel: 024 7647 8696

Mobile:07814 711254

Email: john.bates@ahdb.org.uk 




Press Office: Out of Hours 

Tel: 024 7647 8800

Email: Press.Office@ahdb.org.uk

Rebecca Miah


Rebecca Miah

Senior Consumer Marketing Communications Manager

Mobile: 07891 813671

Email: rebecca.miah@ahdb.org.uk