Crisis Support

The challenges many dairy farmers face as a consequence of the current milk price and market volatility are of great concern.

AHDB Dairy is part of an industry-wide initiative Decisions4Dairy, that provides a range of support tools and resources to farmers to help make informed decisions about their business on a variety of business management issues when faced with challenging decisions.

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It is important for dairy farmers to recognise and address the problems as soon as they become apparent; the issues your business faces will not go away if you ignore them.

We can offer a range of support tools and resources from financial templates, strategic and business planning workshops and our technical services offer evidence based, practical support and advice which has been shown to deliver positive results.



If your business is facing challenging times there is help available and you do not need to go through this alone. Contact your local KE Officer to for guidance around any information or support you may need and there are many other organisations out there to help dairy farmers such as The Farming Community Network R.A.B.I. and R.S.A.B.I

Surviving low milk prices

Speak to a financial expert

Don’t go through stress alone, talk to your spouse and friends as a first step. Then talk to your bank manager and other finance providers about your business.

Understand your business costs

Understanding how your costs and outgoings impact your business is a vital pratise to managing your business. Knowing what your costs are and using a previous bank statement to review what you are actually paying out

Business plan to manage risk

Business plan to manage risk and is more a medium term approach to managing your business and how it operates.

Managing your cash flow

The principal means of planning for future finance needs is by a cash flow forecast. This is a good way of showing future anticipated peaks and troughs in the money coming into the business and the costs which the business will have to cover during that time.

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Business support tools

Manage the risk in your business

A risk register will help dairy farmers to think about the risks a business faces, how much of risk they are to you and how you might mitigate them to reduced or eliminate the risks from exposure to movements in the input and output market, livestock health status, family changes and the weather.

Different types of business structure

Joint ventures business structures can provide a profitable combination of skills and resources allowing all parties involved to grow in terms of business and wealth creation.

Get to know your energy costs

On a typical dairy farm each key area accounts for 25 - 30% total electricity consumption with the remainder being used by lights, pumps etc.

Download the Comparable Farm Profit (CFP) template

An excel template for you to complete a Comparable Farm Profit (CFP) to enable you to assess areas of your business that may need reviewing, also allowing comparison with other dairy businesses when completed as part of a group.

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Latest News

  • GB dairy producers estimated at 8,820

    Our most recent survey of major milk buyers suggests there are currently an estimated 8,820 dairy producers in GB. This is a reduction of 30-35 producers (0.4%) compared with February this year when we completed the first survey. 23 October 2019
  • Small decline in GDT Price Index

    Despite the reduced purchasing power of Chinese buyers, and higher product availability, the GDT Price Index fell by only 0.4% in the latest trading event. 4 September 2019
  • June sees drop off in dairy trade

    In June, dairy imports fell across the board with a year on year decrease of 40% for butter, 13% for Cheddar and 9% for speciality cheeses. 22 August 2019
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