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#Decisions4Dairy is an industry-wide initiative. It brings together organisations that work with, influence or advise dairy farmers, including AHDB Dairy, banks, farm consultants, the unions, feed advisers, vets, trade associations, farming charities and accountants.

Using this collaborative approach, we want to encourage you to ask fundamental business questions of yourselves and collectively, we can guide you so you are able to access practical support and materials to make informed decisions. By working together, we can assist you through the challenges ahead.

Click here for people and organisations that are available to help you seek the assistance you require and provide telephone support.

Volatility IconAs part of #Decisions4Dairy, AHDB Dairy can support your business in challenging times by providing relevant resources, farming business templates, efficiency calculators and skills development packages. The practical assistance has been developed to help your business work through difficult times and become more robust, for the longer term. It’s important to make use of the resources available to you.

Decisions tree

AHDB Dairy has devloped a decisions tree to help you ask the right questions and find relivant support. It will help guide you through the type of questions you need to ask yourself and your business and signposts to information, templates and tools to help you budget and plan your business both physically and financially looking at both dairy and non-dairy options. Start the decisons tree by clicking here.

Exiting the dairy sector

If you are considering your future in the dairy sector clicking here will take you to a page of support and options along with a short film report talking to farmers who have been in the same position as you.

Volatility IconUpcoming workshops

We will be running a series of workshops across Great Britain to support you with managing the biggest costs and investments in your to your business).

For more information on these and other workshops contact your local Knowledge Exchange officer.

For #Decisions4Dairy workshops from partners please see the Dairy Pro calandar of events.


Decisions4Dairy - What If workshop

It can be difficult to take time away from the farm but with the help of specialist consultants and time to consider your business, this is an opportunity to test impacts of different scenarios including those around beef and cereal production.

Extended workshops/programmes such as Entrepreneurs in Dairying, Prince's Dairy Initiative and Women in Dairy, which are run with partners, are designed to support your self-development to improve your management skills and understanding, giving you the knowledge to stabilise and move your business forward. Learn more about self-development

Back to Basics

Feed is the biggest cost to your business but the amount of waste within it can be surprising with up to 6% of concentrate feed and 20% of forage feed lost before the cow can eat it. This short film on Feed Waste takes you back through some basic areas to check you're not wasting feed you've already paid for. 

Our Technical Information area provides further tools, templates, calculators, resources and information in all technical aspects of dairy production as well and business and people management, highlighting key areas that can drive profit. 

Scottish Dairy Hub

Advice for Scottish dairy farms

The Scottish Dairy Hub, funded by AHDB and the Scottish Government, acts as a signposting service connecting the dairy sector throughout Scotland. It identifies the best sources of advice and training to improve dairy farm competitiveness, technical efficiency, sustainability and growth. Visit the website:

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Latest News

  • GB dairy producers estimated at 8,820

    Our most recent survey of major milk buyers suggests there are currently an estimated 8,820 dairy producers in GB. This is a reduction of 30-35 producers (0.4%) compared with February this year when we completed the first survey. 23 October 2019
  • Small decline in GDT Price Index

    Despite the reduced purchasing power of Chinese buyers, and higher product availability, the GDT Price Index fell by only 0.4% in the latest trading event. 4 September 2019
  • June sees drop off in dairy trade

    In June, dairy imports fell across the board with a year on year decrease of 40% for butter, 13% for Cheddar and 9% for speciality cheeses. 22 August 2019
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