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Webinar: Robotic Herd Signals

When: June 21st 2018 19:00 to 20:00
Online Event Only

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CowSignals asks farmers to question what cows want and how well he/she is meeting those needs. A good robot farm provides exactly want a cow wants, just when she wants it and in a stress-free way. Then she will visit the robot frequently, voluntarily and happily, paying back the farmer with her valuable milk.


This webinar will take a look at what makes a good robot farm, using CowSignals principles and an understanding of cow behaviour. It will be particularly relevant to farmers who are already milking with robots or who are exploring this option. However, all dairy farmers will find it interesting.


Owen Atkinson is a vet and a CowSignals Master trainer. He has extensive experience of all types of dairy farm, in the UK and overseas. Through his company, Dairy Veterinary Consultancy, he provides training to dairy farmers, vets and dairy professionals, often using the results of his own research into cow behaviour and how their environment affects their health and wellbeing.

Owen’s mission is to improve the lives of cows and the people who care for them.


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