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Webinar: Increasing economic resilience in pasture-based dairy systems

When: May 17th 2018 19:00 to 20:00
Online Event Only

Milk price volatility and extremes of weather have focused attention on the resilience of dairy businesses, right across Europe.

Join Laurence Shalloo for this webinar where he will discuss the key factors affecting the resilience of dairy businesses in Ireland. He will lay out where the industry is currently, the tactics and the progress needed to ensure that the overall industry continues to move in the right direction.  

Costs of production must be low enough to allow survival, even when milk price hits the lowest point. In order for the business to prosper, there is a need to implement strategies which increase both system resilience and business resilience - making use of all the tools available to optimise farm operations. This is a key focus of research carried out by Teagasc Moorepark to increase the resilience of dairy farms through technical and business innovation.

About Laurence: 

Laurence ShallooLaurence is a Principle Research Officer in the Livestock Systems Research Department of the Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Programme, based at Teagasc Moorepark.

He coordinates diverse projects, from developing models of the milk-processing sector to developing a national sustainability assurance scheme. Laurence is responsible for the generation of the economic values for the Irish Dairy cow selection index (EBI), and was instrumental in the development of the Pasture Profit Index, and PastureBaseIreland - a national grassland recording system.  He has previously been involved in EU projects such as AUTOGRASSMILK, MULTISWARD, ANIMALCHANGE, and GREENHOUSEMILK.


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