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EuroDairy Webinar: The Swedish take on responsible antibiotic use

When: October 18th 2018 11:00 to 12:00
Online Event Only

Join Ylva Persson for this webinar discussing how Sweden has the lowest use of antibiotics in EU and how other countries can lower their use of antibiotics to reach the same level.

About the speaker: Ylva Persson is an Associate State Veterinarian in ruminant diseases at the Department of Animal Health and Antimicrobial Strategies at the National Veterinary Institute of Sweden.

She is also working as a consultant at Växa Sverige, Sweden’s largest advisory health services for dairy herds, where she is responsible for AMR matters.

Ylva is involved in many different projects focusing on AMR and antimicrobial use. For example, she has been doing research on alternative treatments for infectious diseases in cattle and AMR in calves fed waste milk from cows treated with antimicrobials. She has also worked a lot with policies and guidelines and is one of the main authors behind the Swedish policy for antimicrobial use in cattle.

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