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EuroDairy webinar – Crossbreeding for improved profitability

When: September 24th 2018 18:00 to 19:00
Online Event Only

What to expect from the webinar:

Martin Madsen, a Danish EuroDairy pilot farmer has been successfully using a 3-breed crossbreeding system for the past 8 years. This has had a positive effect on health, fertility and longevity of his herd. The breeding plan means that the herd consists of:

  • 39 % pure breed Holsteins
  • 12 % Holsteins x Viking Red
  • 28 % Holstein x Viking Red x Jersey
  • 21 % Holstein * Jersey * Viking Red

Join this EuroDairy webinar to learn about the principles of crossbreeding and how Martin Madsen has been putting these principles into practice with his own herd. During the webinar, the outcomes of changing from a pure breed strategy to a crossbreeding strategy will also be shared. 

Speakers bio:

26935_1Morten Kargo is a Senior Advisor in a position divided between SEGES and Aarhus University focusing on breeding.

He has a PhD in the Stochastic simulation of breeding schemes for dairy cattle and was involved in developing and implementing best value breeding plans for farmers. Lately, Morten has shown that the use of sexed semen and crossbreeding can improve the health, fertility and longevity of the cow and thereby overall farm profitability.

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