GB Retail Prices

Published 9 April 18

Please note the liquid milk prices will be updated monthly, with Cheddar and cream prices next updated in the coming weeks. If you have any questions please email


Unit price (p)  25-Mar-18 25-
Month Difference  26-Mar-17 Annual Difference 
Liquid milk† Retail (4 pints)* 112 113 n/c 103 +9
Doorstep (1 pint)** 81 81 n/c 81 n/c


Unit Price (ppl)  31-Dec-17 03-Dec-17 Month Difference  01-Jan-17 Annual Difference 
Cream†† Total Cream 287 286 +1 254 +33
Double Cream 253 257 -4 221 +32
Single Cream 237 246 -9 196 +41


Unit Price (p/kg)  28-Jan-18 31-Dec-17 Month Difference  29-Jan-17 Annual Difference 
Cheddar†† Total market 611 620 -9 575 +36
Mature 611 603 +8 571 +40
Mild 562 571 -9 530 +32


Data is for the 4-week periods ending on the given dates 

Please note table figures may not match exactly due to rounding

 † updated monthly

†† updated quarterly, resuming in the new year

n/c no change

*pasteurised (private label)

**milkandmore monthly spot price - semi-skimmed glass bottle

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

NOTE: the reported figures in the text may differ due to rounding.

Please note data is subject to retrospective changes and revisions and should not be added to historic data.  The methodology used to compile figures is periodically reviewed by Kantar Worldpanel. Figures from the last 3 years are reworked but not those for earlier years. Therefore, data for years before 2014 are not directly comparable with those from 2014 onwards. However, the figures should still provide a reliable indication of overall trends.  Reported changes in the text may differ due to rounding.


Please click here to visit our ONS Consumer Prices page, for the monthly average prices of selected dairy products from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Retail Price Index.