Global Dairy Trade (GDT) Events

Published 16 August 16

Auction summary for 16 August 2016:

The overall GDT Price Index increased by 12.7% at the latest event, after being almost flat since the beginning of June. Price Indices increased across all products sold. There was a strong 18.9% increase in the WMP Price Index, which made up around half of the product traded. 

The total volume offered was 40.8k tonnes, up 9% on same week last year. The next auction is due to take place on Tuesday 6 September 2016.  

  Change in GDT Price Index Average weighted price US$/tonne
All products 12.7% 2,731
WMP 18.9% 2,695
SMP 3.0% 2,028
Butter 14.1% 3,274
AMF 8.4% 4,148
Cheddar 8.9% 3,157


GDT Events graph


GDT Event auctions are held twice a month, trading dairy commodity ingredients. To find out how the bidding works, take a look at GDT’s frequently asked questions. This page provides key results from the latest event:

  • Change in GDT Price Indices – these are weighted averages of the % change in prices between auctions. They give a more accurate reflection of price movements than using simple weighted average prices. More information can be found on the GDT website.
  • Average prices – the weighted average winning prices in US dollars per tonne.
  • Quantity offered – total volume of product offered at the event.

Six contract periods are made available, corresponding to future delivery periods. To download additional data for the contract periods, click here.

 “n.a.” indicates no quantity was offered or sold in either the current event and/or in the prior two events or that the prices published for individual products within a group were insufficient for the Price Index to be calculated