UK Milk Utilisation

Published 16 September 15

Defra is currently investigating the data behind its July 2015 figures. We are aiming to update this webpage and attached UK and E&W milk utilisation spreadsheets when the August 2015 data is released, which is scheduled to be w/c 5 October.

  • Milk utilised for liquid stood at 584m litres in June 2015, an increase of 18m litres (3.1%) compared with the same month last year. Milk for cheese utilisation was 336m litres in June 2015 which was 9m litres (2.5%) down on June last year.
  • Cream utilisation was up by 8.4% on June last year to 25m litres, while yogurt utilisation was down by 5.5% at 23m litres.
  • Butter utilisation in June was down on last year's figure by 13.9% at 24m litres.  
Million Litres Milk Used for Liquid Milk for Products Butter Cheese Cream Yogurt
June 2015 584 652 24 336 25 23
% change v June 2014 3.1% -0.1% -13.9% -2.5% 8.4% -5.5%
YTD Total 3,522 3,612 126 1,967 154 124
% change YTD v 2014 1.0% -3.6% -21.6% -4.6% 3.2% -7.2%

Source: Defra

Please note this data is provisional and subject to change

** NOTE that the reported percentage change may differ due to rounding.


Utilisation of Milk 2014/15

In 2014/15 (when compared with the previous year):

More milk was utilised in the manufacture of liquid, cheese, cream and yogurt and more went into milk powders and stock change and wastage.

Less milk went into butter and condensed milk production.

Provisional figures for the 2014/15 year show that 6.98bn litres of milk were utilised for liquid, 0.8% higher than in the previous year. 271m litres of milk were utilised for yogurt production, an increase of 0.8% on the previous year. More milk was utilised for powder during the 2014/15 year compared with the previous year, with 1.63bn litres utilised, an increase of 25.4%. Cream showed an increase on 2013/14 figures for milk utilisation, increasing by 3.3% to 301m litres. Milk utilised for cheese was up, by 4.5% at 3.84bn litres.

Milk utilised for butter and condensed milk decreased by 12.1% and 9.4% respectively in 2014/15 compared to 2013/14, to 271m litres for butter production and 260m litres for condensed milk products.

  2013/14 2014/15 Change from 2013/14
Milk Used for Liquid  6,922 6,979 0.8%
Butter 308 271 -12.1%
Cheese 3,676 3,839 4.5%
Condensed Milk  287 260 -9.4%
Milk Powders 1,295 1,625 25.4%
Cream 291 301 3.3%
Yogurt 269 271 0.8%
Other 424 456 7.7%
Wastage -11 108 -1083.9%


UK Milk Utilisation

 Source: Defra

*Please note data is provisional   

*There may be marginal differences in percentages due to figures being rounded up or down.