UK Dairy Exports

Published 16 October 18

In August 2018:

·         Latest figures show UK cheese exports in August were 15,970 tonnes, 1,152 tonnes (8%) more than in August last year.

·         UK butter exports were 2,709 tonnes in July, which is 831 tonnes (44%) more than the same month last year.  

UK dairy exports (tonnes)
  Cheese Butter
Aug-17 14,819 1,877
Aug-18 15,970 2,709
% Change 7.8% 44.3%
Jan-Aug 17 109,018 21,855
Jan-Aug 18 126,500 25,317
% Change 16.0% 15.8%

Source: HMRC

Note: All data subject to retrospective changes. There may be marginal differences in percentages due to rounding.


Cumulative exports: January-August 2018

·        Cumulative totals show UK cheese exports are 16% higher than last year at 126,500 tonnes. Total exports of Cheddar were up 11,634 tonnes (24%). Cheddar exports to EU destinations grew by 26% to total 47,844 tonnes for Jan-Aug 2018, while exports to non-EU destinations rose by 17% to 12,647 tonnes. Exports of territorial cheeses were down 13% on the year at 1,618 tonnes while exports of other cheese varieties grew by 10%, amounting to an additional 6,090 tonnes.

·        UK exports of butter over the period Jan-Aug 2018 were 25,317 tonnes, 3,462 tonnes (16%) more than a year earlier. Exports of packet butter were up 44% to 4,603 tonnes, while exports of bulk butter were up 11% at 20,714 tonnes. In total, exports to the EU were 5,643 tonnes higher in the eight months to August than for the same period last year, and 78% of the additional tonnage was bulk butter. This was offset by fewer exports of bulk butter sent to non-EU countries, which fell by 70% on previous year volumes to a total of 1,012 tonnes for the year to date. 

UK Dairy Exports 

Source: PTF/HMRC

 Data from Jan-14 onwards sourced from HMRC, back data revised to Jan-17