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  • Can EU SMP exports continue at current levels

    Exports of SMP from Europe have been strong since September of last year, with exports in the first quarter of this year 35% higher than a year earlier. Competitive pricing on global markets, likely driven by high product availability, will have helped boost export sales. However, a tightening stock situation could push prices up later in the year. 19 June 2019
  • African Swine Fever – potential impacts on dairy

    As the world’s largest pork producer China accounts for around 50% of pork production globally. The current African Swine Fever epidemic is expected to reduce China’s pork production by 25-35% according to Rabobank, resulting in increased demand for other animal proteins but decreased demand for feedstuffs. 13 June 2019
  • Has Belarus made it on the world stage?

    Russia's trade sanctions have had far reaching effects on Belarus's dairy industry. Will they continue to expand production and look into new markets? 22 May 2019
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