Archive: Arla to build the world’s largest fresh milk dairy

Published 17 November 09

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Arla has announced that it is to invest in a new liquid milk processing facility on the outskirts of London. The factory is planned to be able to process one billion litres of liquid milk a year which would make it the world's largest fresh milk dairy. This would also make it almost twice as big as the current largest UK liquid milk factories such as Stourton or Droitwich. One billion litres represents around 9% of total raw milk produced in Great Britain each year and 20% of total annual sales of liquid milk. The facility is expected to become operational in 2012. According to Peter Lauritzen, CEO of Arla Foods UK: "Arla is totally committed to a long-term sustainable future in the UK and the construction of the new dairy demonstrates that commitment." This new investment will further enhance the efficiency and the competitiveness of the British liquid milk market.