2009: Our Stand at the Dairy Show & Livestock Event

24 September 2009 at This Years Dairy Event and Livestock Show: 2009


Our Stand At the Dairy Event & Livestock Show 2009

This year's Dairy Event & Livestock Show was our busiest yet with over 1800 people coming to see our dedicated team of DairyCo staff. We had many attractions on the stand including 'virtual' mobility scoring, bacterial hand swabbing and a mastitis clinic (in association with Farmers Guardian). We also had access to vets on the stand who were excellent at answering health questions about your herd. 

Our dedicated team of dairy specialists were on hand to take questions and provide useful information for anyone who had questions, which surprisingly was quite a few of you!! 

As many of our visitors found out, our stand had a special promotion this year. As an incentive to stimulate farmers creative thoughts and ideas and to gain insight into the most asked questions dairy farmers wanted answers to, DairyCo came up with the great idea of 'beer for questions'. 

3If you came to our stand you would find yourself greeted by friendly staff ready to answer any of your dairy related questions and present you with a chilled beer while they provided an answer.

The campaign gave us an opportunity to engage with farmers who hadn't been in contact with DairyCo before and demonstrate to them that we are here to help and have the knowledge, expertise and resources to do so. This allowed us to attract more people to the stand and give more answers to more questions!

This year we had so many great dairy focused questions showing the true knowledge and awareness of our dairy farming community with a range of technical difficulty which had our staff really working hard to find the answers for you.

A producer from Leicester came to the stand to talk about his current issues with higher levels of mastitis incidence and Somatic Cell Counts than he would like. One of our specialist mastitis extension officers spent some time with him talking about the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan and how to access the plan. The take away suggestion was to have a chat with his vet about the plan and to encourage them to sign up for the Plan training.



Our specialist team picked out just a few of the best questions and also the funniest questions that we had received over the two days. They will be posted on the website in the coming days so please visit again soon.

There was a real Buzz about the stand this year. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the show and we hope to see you again in 2010.