Archive: First training event for vets in the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan

Published 8 May 09

DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan

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The DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan has been launched with the first vet training event taking place in Somerset.

The initiative works closely with vets and consultants to roll out farm-specific plans to reduce mastitis and its associated costs.

DairyCo is investing over £300,000 in the next three years to coach consultants and vets and implement the Plan. "The exciting thing is that we're working in partnership with vets, who are aGrainmong the main influencers on farms," says Dr Fisher. "This is great use of farmers' money to proactively address one of the biggest issues on farms, which is affecting profitability."

Andrew Bradley, RCVS specialist in animal health and production, delivered the first training day, which was over-subscribed. "It was very positive - there was a lot of interest and enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to make things better nationally, which is what we need to do."

For more information, call Kate Cross at DairyCo on 01285 646500.