Archive: New measures for EU dairy sector

Published 21 October 09

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At the EU Agricultural Council that took place on 19 October, the EU agriculture commissioner Mariann Fisher Boel indicated the Commission's intention to propose the creation of a €280m fund to be made available to the EU dairy industry for 2010 in a move to ease some of the sectors issues.  It is not yet clear how this money will be distributed however, the commissioner stated that "these measures should benefit the dairy farmers directly." These additional financial resources will need to be approved by the EU finance ministers when they meet on 19 November.

 A further proposal made by Mariann Fisher Boel concerns including milk and milk products in article 186 of the Single CMO or so called 'disturbance allowance'. This would enable the Commission to act more rapidly when the dairy market situation requires it.  What these powers will be is not clear yet, however the commissioner said that Private Storage Aid for different products including cheese may be considered.

The Council formalised the prolongation of the intervention periods for butter and SMP and has agreed in principle to adopt the Commission's proposal on giving Member States the option of using levy raised as a result of buying back quota to fund restructuring programmes.