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Published 15 October 14

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The next DairyCo Research Day is on 21 October at Bankhead Farm, Broxton, Chester, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs A Cliff. Come along to find out more about DairyCo’s latest research including some of the trials from the DairyCo Research Partnerships. 

Ray Keatinge, head of DairyCo research and development (R&D) said: “A continuous flow of R&D is crucial to increase the efficiency and overall competitiveness of the dairy industry. This is why DairyCo has been investing in R&D, including establishing two long-term Research Partnerships – one on Soils Forage and Grassland, and the other on Health Welfare and Nutrition. Within these consortia, DairyCo is now working with most of the leading UK universities and institutes involved in applied dairy research”  

Topics to be discussed on the day are:

  • Lucerne
  • Outwintering replacement heifers 
  • Making the most of genetics 
  • Effective lameness treatments
  • Johnes Disease 
  • Managing Cryptosporidiosis in calves

Host of the upcoming research day, Alistair Cliff commented, “The Research Day, taking place here on the 21st, is a great chance to see what research is being funded with our levy and how that translates into a practical farm setting. I’m particularly interested in the outwintering heifers section and the lameness section, as we have had some problems with dermatitis in our autumn-calving herd.”   

For more information or to book a place, contact James Hague on 07792 289386 or

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