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Published 8 October 14

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Tomorrow (9 October) DairyCo, in conjunction with Genus Breeding, is holding two meetings for dairy farmers on the new Spring Calving Index, titled “Why SCI?” 

Lead speaker at the events, Andy Dodd, DairyCo technical extension officer: “The £SCI has been developed to breed a cow which produces lower volumes of milk of a higher quality and places a particular emphasis on fertility and calving ease to achieve tight block calving. The £SCI also favours bulls which will produce a smaller cow with lower maintenance requirements. As with the £PLI, lower SCC and sound legs, feet and udders are all important. In this meeting I’ll go into more detail about it and explain how farmers can get the best use of this new index.”   

The presentation by DairyCo is followed by Andrew Rutter, programme manager at Genus Breeding who is going to talk about the bulls Genus Breeding has for this market, and how farmers can get the genetics to suit their farming system. 

The morning meeting starts at 11:00 in Cullompton, Devon and the evening meeting in Kennards House in Launceston starts at 19:30. If you would like to attend, please contact your local Breeding advisor or Paul Voysey on 07971 118835.  

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