Archive: EGF webinar with Dr Valérie Brocard

Published 29 September 14

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Earlier this month DairyCo hosted three live webinars from the 25 meeting of the European Grassland Federation in Aberystwyth.  

In total, over 260 people registered for the webinars which focused on grazing and robotics and grass varieties.

The webinar with, Dr Valérie Brocard from Institut de l'Elevage in France is now available on DairyCo YouTube channel. In the presentation, Dr Brocard looks at grazing and robotic milking systems and covers: 

  • Robotic milking and grazing – can it work?
  • Managing grazing in robotic systems
  • Mobile robotic milking systems – a solution to fragmented land?
  • Novel techniques for measuring grazing time and dry matter intake in dairy cows