Archive: Make an impact with Food – a fact of life!

Published 10 September 14

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Food – a fact of life provides a range of free information and resources to support the teaching of healthy eating, cooking and farming in primary schools. The project is launced to explore the impact of these resources with primary school aged children – the hope is that primary schools throughout the UK will take part! It is a great opportunity to get children involved in learning more about food, cooking and nutrition.

The project will run during spring 2015 and teachers will be provided with a series of lesson and resources (such as posters, stickers and booklets) to support the teaching of healthy eating (based around The eatwell plate), cooking and where food comes from. They focuss is on children aged 5-6 and 10-11 years. BNF would then explore what the children have learned and share this with your school to help your planning.

To register your interest in taking part, click here.