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Published 18 September 14

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It is Red Tractor Week and, to celebrate, schools can win the chance to visit their local Red Tractor farm by entering the ‘Great Red Tractor Schools Menu’ competition.

The week-long campaign aims to give school children an understanding of everyday foods and teach them the importance of supporting the UK and local farming industry.

To take part, students need to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of where food comes from, healthy eating and cooking. They have the option of entering one of the following three challenges to win this fantastic prize:

  • Designing a Red Tractor poster
  • Creating a Red Tractor Menu for a day of the week, highlighting which dishes are available and contain Red Tractor produce
  • Writing a report on Red Tractor Week, explaining the provenance of food and why seasonality and nutrition are important.

The competition is now open and the deadline for entries is 17:00 on 28 November 2014. So if you think your local school would be interested, tell them all about it and get them to enter. For more information, visit


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