Optimal Dairy Systems

Systems Block For HomepageAHDB believes that the Great British dairy industry can achieve significant competitive gains at farm level by a narrowing of production systems.

We believe that British dairy farmers should focus on one of two systems:

• Block calving where all cows calve within a 12 week window

• All year round calving with no dry period or seasonal emphasis on calving

Farmers should choose a system that enables them to compete, matches their market segment, complements their mind-set and takes account of any on-farm limitations or opportunities.

Our sense is that those dairy farmers that have made a conscious choice about their production system tend to be more profitable.

We will showcase and highlight what the best performers are doing under either system by:

  • Defining the key performance indicators that are critical to performance enabling farmers to benchmark their own performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Recruiting additional strategic dairy farms to demonstrate best practice and encourage farmer to farmer learning.
  • Rolling out FarmBench to the dairy sector and our field based team will offer specialist support for each system.

For further details - including background, evidence and our commitment - please read our 'delivering a more competitive industry through optimal dairy systems' paper.

Watch our Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Hind and others from across the industry speaking about systems here

For guidance around the key areas to consider and the tools available to help review your system, click on the relevant box below: 

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 If you have further questions, please speak to the revelant member of our Knowledge Exchange team.