Chance Hall Farm Cheshire

Published 5 April 18

Karen And Tom Halton 2

Tom and Karen Halton rent 550 acres close to Congleton in Cheshire, milking their 530 all year round calving herd three times a day to deliver an average daily lifetime yield of 16.1 litres.

The Halton’s supply County Milk split between three contracts and have a successful on-site vending machine. They take part in a Crewe based study group run by David Hughes, sit on their vet’s Farm Advisory Board and are members of their Healthy Heifer Club. 

Karen Halton explains why they wanted to get involved with the Strategic Dairy Farm initiative: We are passionate and proud of what we do. We are open and honest and not afraid to share our journey so far to help others and also to learn more from fellow farmers and professionals in the industry.”  

Read about previous and future meetings here. 


Key Performance Indicators

Our Optimal Dairy Systems program defined a set of measures and targets, which enable us to show how the farm performs against good, average and poor performers. 

Dairy Enterprise KPIs

Good performance

Average performance

Poor performance

Chance Hall Farm

Pregnancy rate (%)





Age at first calving (months)

24 months

27 months

>30 months

23.8 months 

Total feed costs (pence/litre)

<8 ppl

9 ppl

>10 ppl

10.8 ppl 

Average daily lifetime yield (litres/day)

>13.6 litres

11.8 litres

<9.8 litres

16.5 litres 

Overheads (fixed costs) as a proportion of income (output) (%)






Financial KPIs

Good performance

Average performance

Poor performance

Chance Hall Farm

Income (output) retained (%)





Return on tenants capital (%)





Full economic costs of production (ppl)

Block <22ppl




To see KPI definitions and access our online calculator to benchmark your own performance click here.