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The library is a dedicated section to assist you with farming practice, research and development, tools and reports to help you with your dairying needs. From the menu on the left you can download a wide variety of resources, view online documents and order publications for postal delivery to your chose address.

Our resources are full of technical knowledge and expert advice for you to utilise on your farm business.

Please Note: The+ folders can only be ordered for delivery to addresses within GB, however all individual chapters, factsheets and worksheets from the folders can be downloaded from the library.

Please note that material posted on this site after 10 June 2015 is branded as AHDB Dairy.  Existing digital material continues to remain available under the DairyCo brand.

Latest News

  • Tesco yogurt to become more British

    Following discussions with farmers, Tesco has recently agreed to use only domestic milk in production of its private label yogurt products from March 2016. 1 September 2015
  • SmartAg 15

    The application of smart technologies in agriculture is nothing new but in order for industry to thrive it must look across the fence and see what technologies other industries are developing and what opportunities they present. 27 August 2015
  • Co-ops supporting farmers through challenging times

    In light of the challenging global market conditions, we are starting to see some examples of where co-ops are looking to provide financial support for farmers. 24 August 2015
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