Evidence report - GB dairy herd performance 2013/14

Published 3 June 15

This report aims to address four areas of interest in the dairy sector:

  1. Provide physical and financial performance data to support strategic investment decisions in England, Scotland and Wales
  2. To provide the financial evidence to support farmers wishing to review their production
  3. Highlight to farmers with unprofitable operations, specific production cost areas they might address to improve their efficiency and business resilience
  4. Provide an insight into the economic competitiveness of UK dairy farming as a whole, based on the results from the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN)

This report does not attempt to address questions relating to different types of farming systems or to champion or compare any aspect of technical excellence. The data is focused on providing a foundation level of industry costs and margin potential to guide or support business decisions. Farmers wishing to benchmark their businesses or review system-specific group comparisons can access benchmarking groups through their DairyCo extension officer.