Evidence report GB Dairy herd performance 2015/16

Published 22 March 17

This report aims to support business decisions by providing a foundation level of industry costs and margin potential and includes:

  • A selection of business performance indicators derived from the financial data
  • Examination of the sustainability of herds against the background of milk price changes in 2015/16
  • Typical British costs of milk production in context to other
    countries around the world
  • And investigation of British productivity in comparison with a selection of European ‘typical farms’.

The figures in the report reflect a period of lower margins, as milk prices in this period had in many cases fallen significantly, despite some relief from lower input prices. However, it does not address questions relating to different types of farming systems, nor does it champion or compare any aspect of technical excellence. The data is focused on providing a foundation level of industry costs and margin potential to guide or support business decisions. Farmers who wish to benchmark their businesses or review system-specific group comparisons can access benchmarking groups through their AHDB Dairy Knowledge Exchange Officer.

In addition to the annual Evidence Report, we also publish up to date estimated typical costs of milk production.