Technical Information

AHDB Dairy offers a range of products and services to assist GB dairy farmers with a variety of technical and business management issues. From health & welfare related topics such as mastitis and lameness, to workshops on business planning, our technical services offer evidence based, practical support & advice which have been shown to deliver positive results. 

Farm Business Management

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Lean Management

AHDB Dairy’s role is to promote world class knowledge and expertise in British dairy farming. This includes taking the best management practices from other industries and sectors and using them to help our farmers profit from a sustainable future; Lean is a way of doing this.

Planning for Profit

Planning for Profit is AHDB Dairy’s planning workshop for dairy farmers, who will get a chance to work through real financial and physical management and nutritional scenarios for their businesses.

People Management

People management broadly defines the influence the farmer has over the individuals whose skills and labour are utilised in order to run the farm business efficiently.

Herd Management

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Forage for Knowledge

Forage for Knowledge is the AHDB Dairy grass analysis project for 2015. We will be following 13 farmers across GB as they aim to get great quality and consistency for the whole grazing season.


Feeding dairy cows and young stock is one of the highest costs for milk production. There is though a large variation of feeding costs between relatively similar systems.

Genetic Evaluation

Breeding has a considerable impact on profitability, as demonstrated by the fact that 80% of the increase in milk yield over the past 20 years can be attributed to improved breeding.

Latest News

  • Dairy cow health and welfare takes another step forward

    Since the original Dairy Cow Welfare Strategy was launched in 2010, annual progress reports have been published communicating how the industry continues to progress in the agreed priority areas. 5 August 2015
  • Are you making the most of Genomics to breed a better herd?

    Join AHDB Dairy’s webinar with Marco Winters, Head of Genetics, on Wednesday 19 August to learn more about how the use of genomics in UK breeding has changed the landscape of breeding choices. 4 August 2015
  • De-wormer survey

    As part of a UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate funded project, the cross industry group COWS, of which AHDB Dairy is a partner, is looking for your opinion on purchasing de-wormers (anthelmintics). 31 July 2015
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