AHDB Dairy Business Groups

AHDB Dairy Business Groups are discussion groups, designed to tackle and resolve many of the common issues from milk production.

Every group that is formed comes together with a common link between the members. For most of the groups this means that they all supply milk to the same co-op or processor, or have common farming systems or feeding systems.

Each group is facilitated by an AHDB Dairy extension officer with specialist training to help farmers get the most out of the meetings.

The groups meet four or eight times a year - normally in the middle of the day to fit in with milking.

AHDB Dairy Business Groups are already helping hundreds of dairy farmers to save money:

  • £10,000s saved by electricity contract changes
  • At least 50 bore holes drilled/researched
  • £1120 saved per farm through better slurry management
  • Increase in milk price obtained through milk produced closer to contract between 0.5ppl and 1ppl
  • Reduction in mastitis through improved cubicle management
  • £1000s per farm saved through improved milk quality
  • Comparison of silage producing costs justifying use of contractors
  • Increased profits through better grass and forage management

If you want to know more about joining your local AHDB Dairy Business Group, please contact your extension officer.


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