Published 3 August 17

A thematic network in support of European dairy farming

 EuroDairy is an EU-funded network to share knowledge, innovation and best practice in dairy farming across the main milk producing regions of Europe. Euro Dairy Logo Tight

Within the project, AHDB Dairy is the lead coordinator for 19 other partners, spanning 14 countries (from Ireland to Poland, and from Sweden to Italy), encompassing 40% of dairy farmers, 45% of cows and 60% of European milk output.

At farm level, the project focusses on four broad challenges to the dairy sector:-

  • Socio-economic resilience e.g. coping with market volatility, new business models, quality of life for the farmer 
  • Animal care e.g. reducing antibiotic input, alternative housing systems, practical systems of welfare assessment
  • Resource efficiency e.g. feed efficiency, management of nitrogen and phosphorus in the system
  • Biodiversity e.g. combining profitable milk production with care for the environment

The aim is to put farmers at the centre of practice-based innovation, adapting and developing new and existing scientific knowledge to produce implementable solutions, which can then be shared across the network. 

The project establishes a network of 120 pilot dairy farmers across Europe from a diversity of systems, to demonstrate best practice and push boundaries in the application of new knowledge.

To keep up to date with developments, latest news and technical outputs from the project visit the project or contact