What is The Milk Roadmap

Children drinking milk

The Milk Roadmap has been produced in order to reduce the environmental impact of liquid milk. The Milk Roadmap is a living document and provides a tool to help us better understand the environmental, social and economic impacts of milk, and the various ways in which these impacts can be mitigated. The Roadmap lays out a set of practical actions, including short (2010), medium (2015) and long-term (2020) targets, to deliver this vision.

We aim to provide the dairy farmers with encouraging messages that dairy farmers are making a positive effort to improve their herd health and therefore improving the public perception of the industry.

Completion date: August 2009

Following the successful launch of the Milk Roadmap in May 2008, the Milk Roadmap: One Year Down the Road Report was published in August 2009 and this highlights the joined-up approach made by the industry to further reduce the impact of dairy farming on the environment.

The Environmental Plan for Dairy Farming (EPDF) Group aim to promote integrated solutions to addressing environmental challenges on dairy farms.  The EPDF Group provide measures to the targets laid out in the Milk Roadmap.  A great achievement has been made against the original objectives of the Roadmap.  This demonstrates that environmental challenges on dairy farms can be overcome by adopting measures and solutions that bring both an environmental and economic benefit giving a win/win for our dairy farmers.