Farm Expenses


Farm inputs provides information on prices of inputs needed on-farm such as cow and heifer, feed and fertiliser. It also collates data on land and oil prices and interest rates that directly or indirectly affect total costs at the farm level.

Cow & Heifer Prices
Cow and heifer prices, updated on a monthly basis, refers to cow, heifer and calf prices reported by numerous livestock auction markets around the country and provides average dairy cattle market prices published by Defra. Data is available for GB.

Feed Prices
Feed prices provides monthly figures on a wide range of feed including dairy rations, protein concentrates and straights. Data is available for the UK.

Fertiliser Prices
Fertiliser prices gathers monthly prices on numerous fertiliser formulas including prices of blended N-P-K bulk or bag, urea and ammonium nitrate. Data is available for the UK.

Land Prices
Land prices includes information on GB land prices and rents from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Data is updated on a six-monthly basis.

Monthly Fuel Price Tracker

Oil prices gives an overview of the oil market focusing on the oil price fluctuations on a monthly and annual basis.

Hay & Straw Prices

Monthly hay and straw price series. Data is available for England and Wales.

Interest Rates
Interest rates provides monthly data information on the Bank of England interest rates and the UK LIBOR rates. Click here