GB Cow & Heifer Prices

Published 11 October 17

Monthly Average Market Prices

Dairy Cattle

 GB cow and heifer prices table

Please note, since January 2017, the figures in the table above for dairy cows and heifers represent commercial dairy animals, whereas previously they included both commercial and pedigree.  This change in methodology is to prevent any skewing of prices caused by the inclusion of pedigree prices. This should be taken into considerations when comparing datasets

Calves (not more than 3 weeks old)

 Friesian Holstein calf table

 Hereford Cross calves table

 Continental cross calves table

Please note that figures are based on statistical months (January, April, July and October are 5 week months, as well as December 2016). Any month on month comparisons for numbers sold should be treated with caution.

Please note that these figures are changed retrospectively as reports from dispersal sales come in.


GB Cow and Heifer Prices

Source: AHDB Beef and Lamb, LAA, IAAS