Farming Data

Holstein cow

On-farm data provides statistics on physical and financial data on dairy farms.

Cow Numbers
Cow numbers tracks annual changes in cow numbers in the UK, the EU and world.

Producer Numbers
Producer numbers tracks changes in producer numbers in England and Wales on a monthly basis and the UK and the EU on an annual basis.

Milk Yield
Milk yield measures the average litres of milk produced per cow per year in the UK.

Cull Cow Prices
Cull cow prices provides a weekly indication of returns from beef and dairy sired cull cows. This section also gives information on the latest slaughter statistics.

TB Data
TB data provides statistics on cattle slaughtered due to TB on a monthly basis.

Promar Milkminder Dairy Costings
Promar Milkminder dairy costings provide physical data and costings on a national basis. Data is updated every month.

Kingshay Dairy Costings
Kingshay dairy costings provides physical data and costings on a national and regional basis. Data is updated every month.

Dairy Farm Incomes
Dairy farm incomes publishes Defra figures on annual dairy farm incomes in the UK and on a regional basis.

Estimated Typical Milk Production Costs for Great Britain
Rolling 12 month estimate of typical cost of milk production in GB. Figures are indicative of change and not aimed at giving absolute values. Data is updated every month.

Milk to Feed Price Ratio
Ratio of Defra average farmgate milk prices compared with intensive energy dairy feed costs from Farm Brief. Data is updated every month.