Promar Milkminder Dairy Costings - National

Published 18 September 19


Promar Milkminder


      Monthly Averages      

 Promar monthly tbl


Promar MOPF monthly   


Annual Rolling Averages 

Promar annual tbl

Promar MOPF rolling graph 2
Promar feed costs graph 3

Source: Promar Milkminder

The tables above show the average performance of herds using Promar Milkminder data. When using Promar data, it must be noted that a certain amount of caution should be taken. Although the sample size Promar use to collect the data is relatively large, it does not necessarily reflect the trends and performance of UK dairy herds. It is also worth noting that retrospective adjustments to the data may also occur. For more detailed information or to contact Promar click here.