Milk Prices & Contracts

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Milk Prices & Contracts provides information on farmgate prices, the Milk Price Calculator which produces league tables ranking prices paid by the main British dairies and information on milk price contracts. It also includes market indicators which monitor returns from commodity markets.

Farmgate Prices
Farmgate prices include average prices paid to farmers in the UK, Northern Ireland, GB and the EU on a per litre basis. Data is updated monthly.

Milk Price Calculator and Contracts
Online tool for looking at milk prices paid on a range of contracts, both for a farm-specific milk profile or the AHDB standard litre. Information on past and future announced price changes is also available, along with a monthly commentary on the latest changes.

Market Indicators
Market indicators, including AMPE, IMPE, MCVE and cream income, reflect the returns from the dairy commodity markets  on a pence per litre basis. The Producer and Retail Price Indices (PPI/RPI) track price movements for goods sold. Data is updated every month.

Wholesale Prices
Wholesale prices collates prices for butter, powders and cheese reported monthly on the UK, EU and world wholesale markets. Fonterra (New Zealand) auction prices are also available and updated after every auction.