Processing & Trade

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Dairy processing & Trade provides information on the processing and wholesale marketing stages of the dairy supply chain. It starts with data on the utilisation of milk and the production of dairy products which are then sold to wholesale markets. Wholesale prices are available on a monthly basis for the UK, the EU and World markets with specific data on UDF and Fonterra auction prices. Dairy commodities are also traded - imports and exports figures are collated to give a trade balance overview of the UK, EU and world markets. The EU trade is governed by the EU Agricultural Policy - Information is  available on EU market support including quota data. Finally, dairy supply chain margins can be accessed in this section.

Dairy Product Production
Dairy product production includes figures on the production of dairy products on a monthly basis for the UK and EU markets and on an annual basis for the world market. It also collates Defra monthly data on the utilisation of milk in the UK.

UK Processors Data
UK processors data gathers information on the number and size of enterprises buying ex-farm milk and those producing dairy products in either England and Wales or the UK. The information comes from a survey undertaken by Defra every three years.

Imports & Exports
Imports and exports provides figures on UK, EU and world imports and exports of dairy products on a monthly basis. Trade balances for the UK and EU are also available in this section.

EU Market Support
EU market support includes information on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with a particular focus on EU market management instruments such as export refunds, import tariffs and intervention. The quota section gives elements on the UK and Welsh annual production versus quota and wholesale versus direct production as well as quota prices.

Exchange Rates
Exchange rates helps understand the currency movements that affect dairy commodity prices in the UK, EU and world markets.

Dairy Supply Chain Margins
Dairy supply chain margins presents the returns distributed throughout the chain between milk producers, dairy processors and retailers regarding liquid milk, mild and mature cheddar markets.