UK Milk Utilisation

Published 13 February 17

Milk utilised for liquid stood at 541m litres in December 2016, a decrease of 13m litres (2.4%) compared with the same month last year. Milk for cheese utilisation was 335m litres in December 2016 which was 2m litres (0.6%) up on December last year.

Cream utilisation was down by 24.5% on December last year to 22m litres, while yogurt utilisation was up by 24.1% at 26m litres.

Butter utilisation in December was down on last year's figure by 14.2% at 20m litres.

Million Litres Milk Used for Liquid Milk for Products Butter Cheese Cream Yogurt
Dec 2016 541 556 20 335 22 26
% change v Dec 2015 -2.4% -7.7% -14.2% 0.6% -24.5% 24.1%
YTD Total 6,569 7,058 304 4,047 279 317
% change YTD v 2015 -2.3% -5.4% 2.3% -0.5% -12.6% 6.2%


 Utilisation of Milk 2015/16

In 2015/16 (when compared with the previous year): 

More milk was utilised in the manufacture of butter, cheese, yogurt and cream, and more went into stock change and wastage. Less milk went into liquid, milk powders and condensed milk production.

Provisional figures for the 2015/16 year show that 6.70bn litres of milk were utilised for liquid, 2.2% lower than in the previous year. More milk was used for butter during the 2015/16 year compared with the previous year, with 314m litres of milk utilised, an increase of 9.6%. 314m litres of milk were utilised for yogurt production, an increase of 16.8% on the 2014/15 year. Milk utilised for cheese was up, by 7.4% at 4.12bn litres.  Milk utilised for cream increased by 6.5%, to 324m litres. 

Less milk was utilised for powder during the 2015/16 year compared with the previous year, with 1.61bn litres utilised, a decrease of 3.8%. Also less milk was used for condensed milk products, down 1.4% to 252m litres, in 2015/16 compared to 2014/15.

 UK Milk Utilisation


 Source: Defra

*Please note data is provisional   

*There may be marginal differences in percentages due to figures being rounded up or down.