Business Information

This section provides links to information on exchange rates and interest rates, as well the share prices as of some of the major retailers.

Exchange Rates

Currency movements affect dairy commodity prices in the UK, EU and world markets.

Each day OANDA publishes foreign exchange reference rates, showing thebuying and selling ratesbetween central banks within and outside the European Union. Historical information is also available.

Historical average exchange rates can be found at:

Interest Rates

Each month the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee takes a decision on the interest rate at which it lends to financial institutions. This interest rate then affects the whole range of interest rates set by commercial banks, building societies and other institutions for their own savers and borrowers .

The Bank of England website provides both the latest and historical interest rate information.

Retailer Share Prices

Data on the share price of some of the major retailers can be found on the Financial Times website: