EU Dairy Imports

Published 3 October 16

In July 2016:

  • EU imports of WMP totalled 340 tonnes, 95 tonnes higher than the same month last year.
  • Imports of SMP were up 20 tonnes on the previous year, at 229 tonnes in July.
  • EU imports of butter and butteroil were at 819 tonnes, 6% lower than the previous year.
  • Cheese imports were 21% lower than July last year, at 4,195 tonnes.
  • Imports of whey totalled 1533 tonnes, 625% higher than the previous year.
EU Dairy Imports Table
*Includes Butteroil
Source: Eurostat

Note: All data subject to retrospective changes. There may be marginal differences in percentages due to rounding.

 Cumulative imports: Jan-July 2016

  • Cumulative imports of WMP into the EU were 2,481 tonnes higher than the same period in 2015, reaching 4,176 tonnes.
  • Imports of SMP for Jan-July were 2,540 tonnes, an increase of 661 tonnes compared to the same months last year.
  • Butter and butteroil imports were down 10% to 11,599 tonnes.
  • Cheese import volumes increased 20% to 42,755 tonnes in Jan-July.
  • Whey powder imports increased 34% to 5,604 tonnes.

 EU dairy imports