Archive: On the farm with School Milk

Published 4 July 07

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19 primary school children from Calthwaite School visited Aikbank farm on Wednesday 27 June, home of MDC school milk facilitator, Jenny Turner.

Despite poor weather the children walked to the farm by foot and on arrival were particularly interested to see the John Deere tractor leaving the farm with a trailer of wool.

James Turner, the estate manager took the children on a walk through the farm looking at different crops, collecting samples and looking at the bee hives.

At break time the children were offered milk or water and all but one took milk.  James then explained where milk came from.  After, two Herdwick sheep were sheared and the fleece will be used in the children's school project.  Jenny followed this with a discussion on why milk is good for you, getting the children involved with counting how many cartons a day is needed to get enough calcium for a healthy balanced diet.

Jenny Turner comments:  "Despite the wet weather the children remained engaged throughout the day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Overall it was very successful."

Diane Cannon, Project Manager of the School Milk Project says:  "This is a great example of engaging children to learn about milk production in a fun and interactive way. Jenny is an established school milk facilitator in Cumbria and has been promoting the benefits of milk to children in schools across the whole area for the past four years.  As a project we are looking to do more of this type of activity once the official Year of Food and Farming is launched on 1 September 2007."