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Published 27 July 10

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DairyCo has launched a new website aimed at showing the true story behind dairy farming in Britain. has been designed to demonstrate to consumers and the press just what dairy farming involves and what dairy farmers do.

The website presents the realities of modern dairy farming while also dispelling myths and misconceptions about the industry. Visitors can find out how dairy farmers care for their cows and the environment, and take a virtual tour of a typical British dairy farm. An interactive 'Fact or Fiction' tool aims to get people thinking about dairy farming issues.

The next phase will see an upgrade to the 'Explore the Farm' section with real farm footage which is due to be completed in August.

"Currently, a Google search for 'dairy farming' might bring up any number of trade and commercial sites," says DairyCo's Amanda Ball, who is co-ordinating the project. "A deeper search is likely to bring you into contact with one of the pressures groups critical of dairy farming practices. We need to do something about this and is intended as an information resource for anyone wishing to find out more about dairy farming in Britain and associated issues."

A press section with the latest news about dairy farming, an image library and a range of resources is intended to become a first port of call for consumers and journalists for consumer media researching stories on dairy farming.

While the site does not promote milk or dairy products directly, the press section contains links to relevant organisations including The Dairy Council, Red Tractor and Dairy UK.     

A programme for search engine optimisation (making sure the website appears first when people search for 'dairy farming' online) is underway to make consumers aware of the website, and a promotional programme is launching this month to drive awareness of the site with consumers.

If you have any feedback about the website please email Amanda on

British dairy farming - a good story?

Can you help promote a positive image of British dairy farming?

DairyCo wants to highlight the innovative, engaging and entrepreneurial spirit of British dairy farming. If you have a good story to share about your farm, or would like to be part of DairyCo's panel of spokespeople, contact Amanda Ball at