Archive: Deprived Persons Scheme to reduce stocks by almost half

Published 22 October 10

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It was announced today in the Official Journal that under the 2011 Most Deprived Persons scheme (MDP), all of the remaining butter stocks and almost half of SMP stocks will be withdrawn from EU intervention stores. In addition, allocations to purchase SMP on the market have been given to the Czech Republic, Estonia and Luxembourg.

In the case of butter, the remaining intervention stocks of around 1,500 tonnes are to be withdrawn under the scheme. Furthermore, as a result of insufficient intervention stocks to cover the MDP allocations, almost €12.5 million has been put aside for the purchase of butter based products on the markets.

The withdrawals of intervention stocks will take place from 1 June - 30 September 2011. The amount of SMP to be removed in 2011 represents 48% of current stocks, leaving approximately 103,000 tonnes remaining to be sold through the tender process. Since June 2010, just over 2,600 tonnes of SMP have been sold by tender.