Archive: Where has the extra milk gone?

Published 28 October 10

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As we head into the seasonal production trough, the UK continues to remain well above the previous year. With daily milk deliveries running at approximately 6% above the previous year and almost the same compared to a 3-year average, the question asked is where has all the extra milk gone?

Latest UK product production figures may point to the answer. While liquid milk has shown little growth year-on-year and with butter production only increasing recently (albeit on small volumes), it appears that the majority of the extra milk delivered is going into cheese production.

Latest production figures from Defra show that cheese production in August stood at 32,619 tonnes, an increase of 1,997 tonnes (6.5%) compared to the previous year. While production in the 12 months ending August 2010 was down on the corresponding period in 2009, the difference was only 423 tonnes (0.1%).

More information on UK dairy product promotion can be accessed here: /datum/dairy-processing--trade/dairy-product-production/uk-dairy-product-production.aspx