Archive: New Zealand rugby players celebrate World School Milk Day

Published 10 September 10


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The very successful Chard Rugby Club, unbeaten this year in the Somerset Premier League and with a clean sweep last week of wins for all four senior and two junior teams, brought their New Zealand players to Holyrood School in Chard to celebrate World School Milk Day with Coombe Farm. The farm supplies all Waitrose's new Duchy Organic milk through the well-run Milk Pool.

Philip Cook, MD of Coombe Farm, who has long been a supporter of his local rugby club, initiated summer camps with the southern hemisphere three years ago where rugby coaches came to Somerset to coach the youngsters. They enjoyed themselves so much that some of them wanted to return to play for the club. Cook found them jobs or voluntary work and accommodation, and Lee Carter, 23 and Lucas Bennett, 25 were the first Kiwis to take up the opportunity.

Part of Chard Coach Simon Johnson's message to the enthusiastic 14 year olds at the school is the importance of good nutrition with a healthy diet. Simon explained to the youngsters that by including milk and dairy as part of your daily balanced diet, everyone can maximise their intake of the nine essential nutrients milk can provide, including: Potassium, Phosphorus, Protein, Vitamins A & D, Riboflavin, Niacin, and most importantly for children, Calcium. 

"I am very pleased that we can bring together the expertise of our Chard players and demonstrate to the schoolchildren the vital importance of a good, nutritional diet which will build their strength for such an exciting game as rugby," said Mr Cook. "We all become winners in this way."

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