Archive: Milk Link to increase its member milk price from February

Published 14 January 11

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Milk Link announced today that it will increase its member milk price by 1ppl on manufacturing contracts and by 0.78ppl on liquid contracts from 1 February. As can be seen by clicking here, Milk Link is the first this year among the largest milk processors to increase its price, the latest one being Dairy Crest on the Davidstow contract last October. These increases will take the annual average price of the Northern Manufacturing contract to around 25.3ppl, Northern Manufacturing around 25.7ppl and London Liquid to around 25.6ppl based on the DairyCo standard litre.

On the league table, if none of the other processors change their price, most Milk Link contracts will stand just below the retail aligned contracts and above all the others. For example, the London Liquid contract will be 1.2ppl above the Wiseman Partnership contract and the Manufacturing contract will be just above the Dairy Crest Davidstow one and 2.3ppl above the First Milk cheese contract.