Archive: Japan to import an additional 10,000t of milk powders

Published 30 October 14

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According to reports, Japan is set to import increased quantities of milk powders and butter over the coming months, as the country deals with a shortfall in domestic supply. Recent hot weather has brought about outbreaks of mastitis, contributing to Japanese milk production being 2% lower than the previous year (Jan-Aug). Over the same period, the country’s imports of SMP rose by 17%. The Japanese ministry of agriculture is reported to be planning to import a further 10,000 tonnes of milk powder over the next two months.

The only way for any country to export butter or SMP to Japan is via a Japanese government-run tender. Japan is the second largest importer of cheese (behind Russia) in the world but the country is also a steady importer of SMP, with much originating from Australia, US and New Zealand. Tariffs are high, but with wholesale prices in the country rising while those in US, Oceania and EU fall, there are opportunities for exporters in these regions.

Japan SMP imports