DairyCo nabs industry specialist for knowledge transfer role

Published 28 August 08

DairyCo nabs industry specialist for knowledge transfer role

Dr George Fisher has been appointed Head of Knowledge Transfer (KT) for DairyCo, bringing with him significant hands on experience and extensive knowledge and understanding of UK farming.

His role at DairyCo will be pivotal in developing and delivering key knowledge transfer strategies - expanding the current extension officer team to cover more GB regions will form part of this. Working closely on developing new research and better ways to transfer knowledge to dairy farmers, Dr Fisher will ensure that DairyCo is at the forefront of delivering valued information to dairy farmers.

Ken Boyns, chief executive of DairyCo says: "This is a vital role within the organisation and one that plays a key part in the services we provide. To have someone with such a vast knowledge and reputation on board can only enhance what we are trying to achieve."

Dr Fisher not only brings his reputation to DairyCo but also many years of work in relevant fields. After studying animal production at University, and completing a PhD in ruminant trace element nutrition, George spent 10 years with SAC at Crichton Royal Farm, Auchincruive and Kirkton. Here, Dr Fisher spent time researching the science behind grazing and feeding.

From here, he moved on to work for the fertiliser company Kemira GrowHow, for nine years, and developed skills in business development, marketing and communications and was also their UK Company Agronomist.

As well as being the President of the British Grassland Society 2005/6, his most recent position was as Regional Manager for North West Europe for Novus, a feed additive company.

Dr Fisher says "I'm really looking forward to working as Head of Knowledge Transfer.  DairyCo is at the heart of our industry and at the forefront of enabling positive change for dairy farmers, helping to make sure that we are best placed to handle the challenges and opportunities of the future.  I hope that my background in science and commerce can be put to good use in getting science and technology into practice.  This is a 'once in a career' opportunity to make a positive contribution to the future of British dairy farming."

Dr Fisher will start his new role with DairyCo on 1 September 2008.


Date 28 August 2008
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Notes for Editors:

DairyCo's current focus is on improving the profitability of dairy farming by focusing on four specific areas:
•    The provision of a world-class information service
•    Helping dairy farmers increase their profits while meeting regulatory and environmental requirements - through better business management.
•    Helping promote the positive perception of dairy products and dairy farming with the general public
•    The development of DairyCo towards a self-sustaining model.

DairyCo is funded entirely by milk producers, via a statutory levy on all milk sold off-farm, at the rate of 0.06p per litre.  This provides an annual income of around £7m.

DairyCo co-funds the industry's nutritional and issues management resource - The Dairy Council - with the processors' trade body Dairy UK.

DairyCo Limited was set up in April 2008 following a fundamental review of agricultural levy boards by Defra. The five existing levy boards (including the Milk Development Council) were replaced by one statutory levy board, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

Reporting in to AHDB are six sector companies - DairyCo covers the milk sector.