Milk production still falling

Published 8 September 08

Milk production still falling

DairyCo's daily production figures show that by the end of August daily milk production was running at around 1.9 million litres below the three year average - that's a drop of 5%.

This is backed up by figures from the Rural Payment Agency showing August milk production at 4.3% below the three year average.

The UK reported a total milk delivery figure for the month of 1.056 billion litres, the lowest August figure since the deregulation of the milk market in 1994/5.  This was 5.3% down on July's figures and although a seasonal fall in production between July and August is expected, it is usually smaller at between 3 and 4%.

The reason for this dramatic fall in production is due to the poor weather.  Met Office figures show rainfall 59% up on the three year average for the month of August and only 105.5 hours of sun were recorded - the lowest August figures since records began in 1929.

Significantly, milk production normally starts to flatten off at this time of year after a summer drop, but it has not done so yet.  With the continuing poor weather this may lead to a very low milk production trough in a couple of months if the weather does not improve.

Cumulatively, production in the first five months of the milk year stands at 5,664 million litres.  This is 3.8% below the three year average and 2.0% below the 2007/8 milk year when milk production for the year totalled 13.2 billion litres - almost 1 billion litres below the UK's quota limit.


8 September 2008
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