Think your cows automatically know how to graze effectively? Think again?

Published 23 March 09

Get as much control over what your cows eat in the grazing season as you have when they are housed by getting them to graze how and when you want, says DairyCo extension officer Piers Badnell.

 "Winter feeding systems are all well controlled, and there is no reason why you shouldn't have the same control over your grazed grass," explains Piers, "a key factor in achieving this is teaching your cows how to graze."

"Don't give cows the opportunity to pick and choose the best bits when it comes to grazing.  Make sure you are allocating them the quantity only just sufficient for their needs so they have no choice but to eat it," he says. "Good rotational grazing will deliver high quality, palatable forage.  If the grass offered is in any way old or soiled intakes will fall.

"Palatability is all important," he continues. "If intakes are not what you would expect check the soil analysis.  Is the ph right?  Is it an area that you have put a lot of dirty water on over the winter?  These will both effect palatability.

"Don't feed the cows before they go out to graze, send them out with an edge to their appetite," he continues.  "Make use of the hormonal serge the cow receives just after milking that makes her want to eat and drink.  And ensure she has plenty of clean water close to hand. If she has to walk more than 100 metres her water consumption will fall."

"Finally, think about training your cows to graze properly on a rotational basis when they are heifers. They will then enter the herd grazing like real pros!" he concludes.

grass+, the DairyCo grassland management improvement programme hasbeen updated and is being published  this spring.  For more information contact your local DairyCo extension officer or DairyCo publications on 01285 646510.


Date 23 March 2009

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